Rent your parking

With ParkMatch, your parking spot earns you money whenever it's available !

Today, in city centers, parkings are more and more expensive and saturated, a well placed space can therefore be even more valuable. ParkMatch offers you to manage your parking rentals fully online, finally shared parking for short term rental makes sense !

2 - List your parking space

Add a parking space on the app

Download ParkMatch app for free and register your parking space: you will need its address, a description, photos...

This informations will help your tenant find your parking space.

3 - Copy your original garage remote

Copy of the original remote

Use your ParkMatch connected remote to copy the original one of your garage.

This copy will be used by people who will book your space during the time of their rental to open your garage door. Their ParkMatch remote will be able to mimick your original one during a limited time.

4 - Set your parking's availability

Parking availability

Once your parking has been validated by ParkMatch's team, you will be able to set its availability directly into the app.

When it's available, your parking spot will appear for drivers to rent it.

You still have questions ?

For more info, please read our FAQ.