Answers to frequently asked questions

You are a driver

+How do I become a ParkMatch user ?

I order to use our wide parking network, you first need to order ParkMatch connected remote. It works along with the app and will be able garage doors for you for the duration of your booking !

+How to get out of a parking when my phone isn't getting any signal?

Your ParkMatch remote can open the parking door by itself even when your phone has no battery or no network connection !

You would like to rent your space

+How much does it cost ?

There is no monthly fee, all you need is a ParkMatch remote to use the service as much as you want. During our launch phase, the remote is offered for parking space owners in Lyon !

+Is it safe ?

The copy of your original remote is safely stored on ParkMatch servers. When a tenant uses it, he has to wipe his remote before ending his rental. He cannot come back and park at your spot without making a new rental.

+Is it profitable ?

Using ParkMatch, peer to peer short term parking rental finally makes sense. According to market studies adn field tests we made, renting your parking space with ParkMatch will earn you twice the money of a classic monthly rental in a saturated area.

+I live on a condo, how do I do ?

In the first place, ParkMatch will only be available in France.

Every user undertakes to respect the rules of his condo and to be authorized to rent his spot by the owner in case he's a lessee.

Still have questions ?

Contact us !, we will be glad to answer your questions !