Parkmatch reinvents
collaborative parking

The right spot, at the right time !

A parking space to rent ?
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Park your car easily in an individual's parking spot, it's fast and secure !

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  • Search for a parking spot
  • Confirm your parking rental
  • Open the parking door
  • Once you've selected the parking you want, you just click "Rent" to book it. The payment is automated and secure.
  • Your parking spot is booked and you can access it during your rental. Activate your ParkMatch remote and it will be able to open the automated door.

Rent your parking space to earn money whenever it's unused !

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  • Boosted rental profit
  • Parking rental made simple
  • Secured spot
  • Availability management
  • Copy your parking's original remote using ParkMatch remote. The saved code will be loaded on ParkMatch users' remote during the time of their rental.
  • Your parking's access information and the opening code are safely stored and secured on ParkMatch server. Moreover, at the end of each rental, the tenant's remote is wiped, he does not keep acces to your parking.
  • Manage your parking's availability directly form your smartphone! When your parking's status is "Available", it can be rented on the app by other users.

How does it work ?

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