Parkmatch reinvents
collaborative parking
The right spot, at the right time !

Parkmatch offers the first parking rental service without personal encounter nor modification on the existing system !

How does it work ?

They talk about us

Park your car easily at a private individual's, it's fast and secure !

Find a spot

Use Parkmatch app to locate a parking near you or close to your destination.

Rent the parking you want

Rent a parking space at the best price and pay directly through the app.

Park easily

Open the door with your Parkmatch remote and park your car in a place as safe as home.

Rent your parking space to earn money whenever it's unused !

Optimized rentability

You can now propose your parking space for short term rental.

Ease of use

No more personal encounter needed between owner and driver, Parkmatch's technology handles the access.

Peace of mind

Every rental transaction is covered by an insurance leader.

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